Unofficial Call Center Notes Template v0.3b
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As we all know, taking lengthy and detailed notes is quite time consuming whilst on call. This can often lead to either a higher average handling time, higher average wrap time, a chance to miss key pieces of information given by the customer while writing notes or worse, a combination of all three which in turn impacts negatively on the overall customer experience.

However, the importance of keeping detailed notes is paramount! We must keep a clear recorded impression of what happened whilst on every call not only for our own reasons, but also so that other agents are well equipped to deal with any additional queries promptly and effeciently for the customer.

This script is designed to automate 90% of the note taking process. By offering a list of options pertaining to the call scenario it will generate clear and detailed notes based on your selections ready to be copied so you can spend more time making the call more personal, simple and brilliant!

All without compromising your call statistics or the customers experience!
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